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Buy cheap front drag reels online - 24 hours a day!

Solid and robust to the target fish

In our online shop at Angelplatz.de we offer you high-quality front drag reels that impress with their excellent performance and quality.

What are front drag casters and what are they needed for?

Front drag casters are used to control the speed of the cord drain to control when fishing. For this, these reels are equipped with a brake on the front of the reel.
The Rear drag reels, the brake is located on the back of the reel. The braking option on the front of the front drag reel enables quick, precise adjustment of the drag while fishing. Therefore, these reels are perfect for catching big fish, such as a carp, as the resistance can be adjusted quickly and precisely, preventing the fish from escaping.

For which fishing methods is the front drag reel suitable?

Front drag reels are suitable for both Spinning, as well as for fishing from a seat. The reels are very popular for spin fishing, as it is important for this type of fishing to be able to adjust the brake sensitively. This ensures that the fish is hooked in the front of the mouth when the hook is struck and the animal does not swallow the bait. In addition, the fine adjustment is a guarantee for reducing fish loss through disembarkation. The advantages of a front drag reel are particularly noticeable when fishing for big fish from a seat. In order to be able to withstand the power of the animals, the escapes must be cushioned. This is only possible with a well-functioning brake and a robust design. Which bring the reels with them in contrast to often less durable rear drag reels.

Do you like fishing bigger fish? Then front drag reels are ideal for you thanks to a faster retrieval speed and the ability to withstand higher loads. Thanks to the precise and reliable braking effect of our front drag reels, you are ideally equipped for demanding fishing situations, so you always have control of your fishing rod. Due to the high-quality workmanship, the front drag reels withstand even the most extreme conditions. The braking force can be adjusted quickly and easily thanks to the easy handling of our reels. With quick and smooth line release, you can respond effectively and quickly to bites.

How a front drag reel works

The front drag reel consists of a housing, a spool, a bracket, a crank and an internal mechanism. The rollers have large brake discs so that they can be sensitively adjusted. Despite their simple design, front brakes work reliably and solidly. The braking effect is created by the adjustable brake screw, which ensures that the brake discs are pressed together.

How big should a front drag reel be?

How big a reel should be depends on the body of water you want to nail and the fish you want to target. Ideally, choose the role before you buy it. The size of the roll is usually indicated on the spool. Unfortunately, the numbers vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and therefore do not represent an exact indication of the actual size and capacity of a front drag reel. They only serve as a guide for line volume, spool size and stability. As a small rule of thumb, 1000 reels are suitable for smaller fish and 10.000 reels for larger fish.

So 1000-1500 rolls are for perch, trout and white fish that are to be fished at short distances in shallow waters are ideal. 1500-2000 reels are suitable for larger predators such as Pike-Perch and Pike but are also more for smaller bodies of water. If you are fishing in larger rivers or lakes, 2500-4000 reels are suitable. For the Surf fishing a 4500-6000 front drag reel is suitable, it can also be used to cast very large fish such as catfish and barracudas without any problems. As briefly mentioned before, the 10.000 is the largest type of reel and is primarily used for heavy sea fishing.

translation of the role

The transmission ratio is one of the standard specifications on a fishing reel.
For example, the value 6:1 is written on a front drag reel. Does that mean that the spool rotates six times around its own axis per cranking. A distinction is made between roles of low, medium and high translation. With a low gear ratio, the moves bait slow in the water and easier to reel in. With the medium transmission you can guide the bait both fast and slow, so these reels are ideal for beginners. A high gear ratio, on the other hand, makes it possible to move the bait very quickly through the water. However, it is much harder to crank than the other two reels.

Recognize good front drag role

Good stationary reels have a waterproof front brake and brake discs made of carbon. This ensures that the braking system in the coil head works smoothly and is protected from dirt. In addition, the system should have minimal response, fine brake dosing and sufficient braking power.

You can check these criteria by spooling up about 20 meters of line and attaching the reel to a rod. Now you can either have another person help you to hold the line or attach an object to the end to test the braking effect. Care must be taken with the rotor that it has minimal play and runs evenly. You can check this with the so-called turning test, in which the roll is turned very slowly and then very quickly. This is how you recognize possible imbalances and inhibitions.

Another important component that should have sufficient stability and be stored multiple times is the spool axis. In most cases, you can see these two points in the product description. In addition, the bracket of the front drag reel should be torsion-resistant. So that on the one hand it stays open even with harder throws and on the other hand it closes automatically.

The built-in ball bearing is also a criterion when buying a fishing reel should be noted. It is not important how many ball bearings are available, but their quality. Stationary reels have a line roller that sits at the end of the bracket. When retrieving the line, it runs over it. That's why the wheel should have ball bearings, be made of a very hard material such as titanium, and be easy to turn. This prevents line tangles and damage, which in the worst case can lead to fish loss.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the gearing of the reel. It's relatively easy to tell if everything is okay with him. All you have to do is hold the rotor and move the crank back and forth. There should be no inhibitions when draining and no gear noise should be audible.

Manufacturer of front drag reels

It is not surprising that most of the major fishing tackle manufacturers stock front drag reels. The test winner, for example, is the Daiwa Ninja LT, spinning reel with front drag. She was nominated for Best Resident Role for the Spinning excellent because it has very good power transmission and a smooth run.

An alternative to it is the Shimano Catana, spinning fishing reel with front drag, which is a little cheaper to buy, but still has high-quality workmanship. In the Read Custom Black is a front drag reel that is particularly popular with carp and Surf fishing is recommended. It has a high braking power and a robust long cast spool.

The Daiwa Lexa EX A 2500 fishing reel is a slightly more expensive model, but justifies its price with the very precisely adjustable front drag and high performance. It is suitable for both fresh and salt water.

In addition to these, there are many other manufacturers and other models on the market. You are well advised to make a purchase by relying on well-established brands, as they often give customer satisfaction the same priority as the quality of their products.

A front drag reel is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a powerful Fishing accessories seek. That is why we have made a large selection of reliable reels available to you in our online shop at Angelplatz.de.

Do you have questions or concerns about our front drag reels or other fishing accessories? Then feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. Our service team is available for you Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.

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