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MITCHELL® means proven, reliable quality of innovative and user-friendly fishing equipment, designed and designed by anglers for anglers. MITCHELL® appeals to the practical angler who gains experience while fishing while enjoying the great outdoors and is looking for fulfillment.

MITCHELL® emerged from the Carpano and Pons company, which manufactured watches, rods and reels in the Avre Valley in France. The legendary MITCHELL 300 was invented in 1948 by Maurice Jacquemin, a Carpano and Pons engineer. His goal was to make a reel that wasn't just a string container.

No, it was supposed to be a fishing reel that was able to cast the bait precisely over long distances and then retrieve it again without twisting the line. After two years of research, the time had come: the revolutionary MITCHELL 300 went into production. Its exclusive eight-tooth drive made the MITCHELL 300 one of the best-known and most powerful stationary reels in the world.

Over 1948 million MITCHELL 25s have been sold since 300. In 1965, Mitchell became an independent company. Significant developments and innovations mark the path of one of the world's leading manufacturers of rods and reels.

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