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Belly boats / buy boats online at Angelplatz.de

Experience the freedom of fishing on the water - with our high-quality belly boats

A float tube is the ideal means of transportation for anglers who are looking for new horizons and want to embark on unforgettable fishing experiences. As a leader in fishing supplies, we offer you an extensive selection of premium float tubes, allowing you to explore waters from a whole new perspective and maximize your chances of catching.

Belly Boot - What is that anyway?

A belly boat is a light and compact boat that is worn around the waist and allows you to fish close to the water's surface. It offers a unique combination of mobility and stability, making it a popular mode of transportation for anglers. A float tube allows you to maneuver effortlessly through shallow waters, get into hard-to-reach spots and discover potential fishing spots that would be unreachable from shore.

We at Angelplatz.de attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. That's why we only stock belly boats from well-known manufacturers that are characterized by their durability, stability and user-friendliness. Our boats are made from quality materials such as durable PVC or tough nylon that will stand up to the rigors of fishing and give you years of enjoyment.

What are belly boats needed for?

A float tube opens up completely new possibilities for fishing. They can move silently and unobtrusively into shallow waters, reaching shy fish that would normally flee the noise and movement. The maneuverability of the belly boat allows you to navigate between reeds, lily pads and other obstacles to find the best fishing spots.

Access to hard-to-reach places: With a belly boat, anglers can get to places that are difficult or impossible to reach from the shore. The boat glides effortlessly over flat water, allows traversal of lily pads, reeds or other obstacles and provides access to hidden coves, shore areas and islands.

Silent and unobtrusive fishing: Belly boats allow anglers to move silently and unobtrusively on the water. The absence of engine noise and vibration minimizes disruption to fish behavior, particularly with timid and wary fish species.

Improved Water View: Because the angler is at sea level, the float tube offers a better view of the water. This allows fish, structure and movement in the water to be better recognized, which increases the chances of a successful catch.

Flexibility and maneuverability: Belly boats are lightweight and maneuverable, allowing anglers to move quickly and with precision. This is particularly beneficial when fishing in narrow waters, under bridges or in shallow stretches of river.

Fishing in shallow waters: In shallow waters such as B. rivers or shallow lakes, the belly boat is a great option as it has little draft and won't get stuck in mud or on the bottom.

More comfort when fishing: Modern float tubes are equipped with comfortable seats and storage space, which makes longer fishing trips more comfortable. Anglers can conveniently carry their fishing gear and bait with them and have everything close at hand.

Versatility: Belly boats are versatile and can be used for a variety of fishing techniques including spin fishing, fly fishing and natural bait fishing.

Overall, a float tube is a practical and exciting tool for anglers who enjoy exploring new waters, fishing in tranquil surroundings and wanting to experience unique fishing adventures. It allows for a unique method of fishing that is exciting and rewarding for both experienced anglers and beginners alike.

What is there to consider before buying belly boats?

Purpose and type of fishing: Think about the main purpose for which you want to use the belly boat. Are you on rivers, lakes or coastal waters? Also consider the type of fishing you prefer, such as spin fishing, fly fishing or natural bait fishing.

Size and carrying capacity: Pay attention to the size and load capacity of the belly boat. It should have enough space and load capacity to safely carry you and your fishing gear. If you are carrying a lot of gear or want to attach additional accessories like a sonar or bait bag, make sure the boat has enough storage and attachment options.

Material and quality: Choose a belly boot that is made of high quality and durable materials. PVC or tough nylon materials are often used, which are both durable and resistant to impact and wear.

Safety: Pay attention to the safety features of the belly boat. It should have stable and well-fixed air chambers to minimize the risk of leaks. In addition, the straps and buckles should be secure and easy to use.

Inflatable Belly Boat: Inflatable boats are lighter and therefore easier to transport. Decide depending on your personal preferences and the intended area of ​​application.

Comfort: Test the seating comfort of the belly boat. Look for adjustable backrests and well-padded seats to make longer fishing sessions more comfortable.

Transport and Storage: Check out how easy it is to transport and store the Belly Boat. 

Buy cheap belly boats online at Angelplatz.de

Angelplatz.de is your reliable partner when it comes to high-quality belly boats and extensive fishing equipment. Our experienced team is on hand Monday to Friday from 9am to 00pm to help you choose the perfect float tube for your needs.

Order your belly boat online today and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of belly boat fishing. Experience freedom, adventure and unforgettable fishing success with our first-class belly boats. Angelplatz.de - Your expert for fishing supplies and outdoor experiences!

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