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Slingshot buy cheap online at Angelplatz.de - 24h long!

Slingshots and catapults for a long range

When it comes to precise and effective baiting, you've come to the right place! We offer a wide range of slingshots and catapults in different sizes and designs to ensure you always have the right accessories for your fishing adventures.

Why a slingshot/catapult?

A slingshot or catapult is an essential tool for any angler fishing with baits such as boilies, particles or pellets. They allow baits to be placed precisely and with a long range to increase the chances of catching. With a high-quality slingshot or catapult you can target your bait to feeding areas or areas of fish activity.

Our selection of slingshots and catapults

In our online shop you will find a variety of slingshots and catapults that are tailored to the needs of different fishing techniques and fish species. Whether you are looking for a classic slingshot with a rubber band, a catapult with adjustable tension or a special catapult for long distances - we have the right solution for every application. Our slingshots and catapults are from renowned manufacturers and are characterized by their quality, durability and user-friendliness.

Tips and tricks for using slingshots and catapults

Choose the right tool: There are different types of slingshots and catapults, including simple hand rubbers, rigid slingshots, and slingshots with various designs. Choose the tool that best suits your bait and fishing conditions.

Practice handling: Before using the slingshot or catapult in actual fishing, practice using it to become familiar with the device and develop proper technique.

Choose the right bait: Not all lures are suitable for use with slingshots or catapults. Choose baits that have a certain consistency and durability so that they do not break down or become damaged when thrown.

Positioning: Make sure you position the slingshot or catapult correctly to throw the bait exactly where you want it. Be careful of obstacles such as trees, bushes or other anglers nearby.

accuracy: Practice aiming with the slingshot or catapult to place your lures exactly where you want them. This is especially important when feeding from feeders or fishing for specific structure in the water.

Strength dosage: Adjust the force with which you throw the lure depending on the distance and target. Too much force can cause the lure to fly too far or be damaged, while too little force is not enough to reach the target.

Controlling the trajectory: Be sure to control the lure's trajectory to ensure it does not drift unexpectedly or be affected by gusts of wind.

Proper loading of the catapult: Properly load the catapult by placing the bait in the slingshot and then holding the rubber band portion while positioning the bait with your other hand. Make sure the bait sits securely and evenly in the catapult to prevent slipping or falling during the cast.

Care and Maintenance: Clean the slingshot or catapult regularly and inspect it for wear or damage. Replace damaged parts in a timely manner to ensure optimal performance.

note safety: Be careful when handling slingshots and catapults to avoid injury. Wear safety glasses if necessary and make sure there are no other people near the throwing area.

Buy slingshots and catapults online at Angelplatz.de

Order your high-quality slingshot or catapult from Angelplatz.de today and make precise baiting easier. If you have any questions, we are happy to help you - just contact us and let our team of experts advise you.

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