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Buy boat rods or sea rods online at Angelplatz.de.

Boat and sea rods - powerful and robust

If you are looking for robust and powerful fishing rods that have been specially developed for use at sea and in boats, then you have come to the right place in our fishing rod shop. Our boat and sea rods are designed to withstand the challenges of rough waters and give you an unforgettable fishing experience.

Our extensive selection of boat and sea rods includes models for different fishing techniques and fish species. Regardless of whether you are looking for a light and sensitive rod for spin fishing or a powerful rod for deep sea fishing, we at Angelplatz.de have the right model for you. Our rods are made from high quality materials that offer an optimal balance of strength, flexibility and sensitivity. This allows you to cast with precision and land even the strongest fish safely.

Another advantage of our boat and sea rods is their durability. We know that salt water, sun exposure and other harsh conditions can take a toll on your gear. Therefore, we attach great importance to the selection of materials and coatings that ensure high corrosion resistance. You can rest assured that our rods will still be in top condition even after many fishing trips.

What are boat and sea rods needed for?

Boat and sea rods are mainly used for seawater and boat fishing. They are specifically designed to meet the specific needs and challenges that come with saltwater and open sea fishing. Here are some situations where boat and sea rods are particularly useful:

deep sea fishing: Big game fishing requires strong rods to handle big fish like tuna, marlin or sharks. Boat and sea rods provide the strength and sturdiness needed to withstand these powerful fish.

deep sea fishing: When deep sea fishing, rods must be able to handle great depths and strong currents. Boat and sea rods are designed to take heavy lures and rigs to depth and withstand the pressures of the deep sea environment.

shore fishing: When fishing from shore, boat and sea rods can be beneficial as they tend to be longer allowing for longer casts. In addition, they are robust enough to deal with the tides and the impassability of the coastal area.

Boat fishing: When fishing from the boat, a rod specially designed for these conditions offers more stability and control. It enables precise casts and effective bait guidance to have the best chance of a catch.

Boat and sea rods are characterized by their strength, durability and resistance to corrosion as they have to withstand the special stresses of salt water, strong currents and large fish. They allow anglers to fish successfully in challenging maritime environments and enjoy unique fishing experiences.


What is the difference between boat and sea rods?

Construction and length: Boat and sea rods are usually made from high quality materials such as fiberglass or carbon fibre. Boat rods are often shorter and sturdier to meet the demands of boat fishing, while sea rods are typically longer and allow longer casting distances.

Action: The action of a rod refers to the bend curve when pressure is applied to the rod. Boat and sea rods can have different actions, from fast to slow. Faster actions provide more sensitivity and allow for more accurate casts, while slower actions provide more power and leverage to target big fish.

Handle design: Because boat and sea rods are often used in difficult conditions, they often have special handles for a better grip. Boat rods often have shorter handles that allow the rod to be held closer to the body and have better control, while sea rods can have longer handles to support longer casting distances.

Guidance system: The guide system of a rod consists of the rings or fairleads through which the fishing line is threaded. Sea rods typically use reinforced guides or fairleads to withstand the rigors of heavy line and large fish.

Corrosion resistance: Due to the salt water and marine environment, boat and sea rods must have high corrosion resistance. Sea rods usually have special coatings to prevent corrosion and ensure the rod's longevity.

These differences make boat and sea rods suitable for different fishing techniques and conditions. While boat rods are designed for fishing from the boat, sea rods are more versatile and can be used both from the bank and from the boat. It is important to consider specific requirements and preferences to choose the right rod for the fishing you plan to do.

What material are boat and sea rods made of?

Boat and sea rods are made from a variety of materials, with the two most common materials being fiberglass and carbon fibre.

  1. Fiberglass: Fiberglass rods have long been popular and widely available. These rods are made from fibreglass, a strong and durable material. Fiberglass rods tend to offer good flexibility, giving them some resilience to tough big fish fights. They are often slightly heavier than carbon rods, but also cheaper.
  2. Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber rods are lighter and stiffer than fiberglass rods. They are made from carbon fibers embedded in resin. This material gives the rods greater sensitivity and enables more precise casts. Carbon rods often have a faster action which means they will bend quicker and snap back to their original shape quicker. This makes them ideal for fishing for big fish where quick reaction is required.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, boat and sea rods can also be made from other materials, such as composites or a combination of fiberglass and carbon fibre. These materials offer an optimal balance between weight, flexibility and strength.

When choosing between fiberglass and carbon fiber rods, you should consider your individual preferences, the area you plan to fish and the species you are targeting. Fiberglass rods work well in tough conditions and for anglers who prefer a slightly heavier feel. Carbon rods are ideal for more sensitive techniques and for anglers who prefer a light and responsive rod.

Which manufacturers make boat and sea rods?

Shimano is a world leading manufacturer of fishing tackle and offers a wide range of boat and sea rods for different fishing techniques. Their rods are known for their quality, performance and durability.

Daiwa is another renowned fishing tackle manufacturer and offers a variety of boat and sea rods for anglers. They are known for their innovations, high quality workmanship and technical precision.

Penn is a well known name in the sea fishing industry and has a long history of producing quality rods and reels. Their boat and sea rods are characterized by robustness, durability and strong performance.

Read offers a wide range of boat and sea rods for different fishing techniques. Their rods are known for their durability, high quality and value for money.

Shakespeare is a respected brand with a long tradition in the fishing tackle industry. They offer a range of boat and sea rods for anglers of all skill levels and are known for their reliability and affordable options.

Major Craft is a Japanese brand that produces high quality fishing tackle. Their boat and sea rods are characterized by their excellent quality, precision and technical innovation.

Buy cheap boat and sea rods online at Angelplatz.de

In addition to the quality of our products, we also attach great importance to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 00pm to assist you with any rod selection or other concerns you may have. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your fishing tackle and get the best results.

Discover our selection of high-quality boat and sea rods now and get ready for exciting fishing experiences on the sea. At Angelplatz.de you will find the perfect rod that will exceed your expectations.

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