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Everything to do with cod fishing

Cod fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing Fishing on the boat. This can be a classic tour with the cutter, or modern on the faster motorboat. Pirk cod is common and many swear by it. The cod as Sea fish loves to be near the coast. Wrecks, reefs and deep fjords also count as retreats. The classic way to fish for cod is with one Ruth between 2,10m and 3,60m and a casting weight between 90 and 300g. Cod rods should therefore be robust, although individual anglers now start their tour with finer fishing equipment.

Cod fishing in angling delivery

The cod reel should have a high gear ratio and a high line capacity fishing achieved a good throw. Braided cord should be chosen in the strength 0,12 to 0,16. You can now too Buy monofilament lines online at low prices. It is best to choose 0,35 and 0,40 as the diameter. Even if heavy perks are the first choice to guarantee bait guidance close to the ground, a trend has developed that one to three additional Twister and guides it with a slight twitch to challenge the cod. Order your rubber bait in lengths of 8 to 16 cm.
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