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Buy cheap carp rods online - 24 hours a day!

With the right fishing rod to success

In our online shop at Angelplatz.de you will find a large selection of high-quality carp rods for every need.

What are carp rods and what are they needed for?

Carp rods have been specially developed for carp fishing. Due to the length and strength of this rod, they are significantly more stable than conventional rods and can therefore keep the carp in the water better. But heavy baits and bait assemblies can also be cast perfectly with the flexible rods and are therefore also very suitable for the demanding angler .
The carp rods in our online shop are ideal for fishing in difficult terrain and for long distances. Our rods impress with their performance, reliability and quality and have been specially developed for carp fishing.

The different blank materials

The blank is the rod blank and is most commonly made from materials such as carbon fiber (carbon) or fiberglass. Carbon fiber is mostly used to make a carp rod because the material is light and strong. Often it is also combined with other materials. Manufacturers do this to give the carp rod certain properties. For example, there are combinations of glass and carbon fibers, a mixture with silicon carbide or tungsten treated with boron. Another possibility is the incorporation of Kevlar. It is a synthetic and very strong material that is woven into carbon fiber mats that are prone to tearing.

The ringing of the carp rod

Rod rings are one of the most important parts of a carp rod. When fishing, various forces and loads act on the guides, such as high pressure and high friction. It must be able to withstand all this without being damaged. When fishing on carp become frequent braided fishing lines deployed. Due to their rough surface, they can easily damage down rings made of inferior quality. That's why you should pay close attention to the inner lining of the rings. If they are made of simple plastic, it can even with a soft one monofilament cord come to problems. Good carp rods have either Hardloy or SiC ring inserts.

SiC ring inserts are made of silicon and carbon. The material is of high quality and impresses with its lightness and its hard and smooth surface. A Hardloy ring insert, on the other hand, consists of an aluminum oxide mixture. Diamond polishing makes it extremely resistant to corrosion. In this way, damage to the line, which could lead to the line breaking off and the loss of the fish, can be avoided.

Another key factor to consider is the guide ring to pulley clearance. If this is too small, the result is an unfavorable line angle, which makes the line difficult to run off. If the distance is too large, the line will chafe on the rod. The optimal distance for a longer carp rod is approx. 90 cm. The throw distance also depends on the guide ring. The larger this is, the further you can cast.

Specification for carp rods

You will rarely find casting weight information on carp rods. The lbs rating provides information about how stiff a rod is; the higher the Lbs rating, the stiffer it is. The number also gives you an indication of the casting weight. That's why it's important to know the ratio of lb to grams. In English, Lb stands for the weight unit pound, derived from the Latin libra pondo. One lb is 454 grams.

In order to calculate the casting weight, you must first determine the maximum and the optimal casting weight. The maximum casting weight can be obtained with the calculation formula: 
lbs x 454 / 16 = maximum casting weight.
The optimum casting weight is obtained by subtracting 20 percent from the maximum casting weight.

For example:
So if the carp rod says 3,5 lbs, the calculation looks like this:
3,5 lbs x 454 / 16 = 99 g max casting weight
99 g - 19,8 g (20%) = 79 g optimal casting weight

Characteristics of carp rods

Carp rod length

Choosing the right carp rod length depends on where it will be used and the size of the fish being caught. Carp rods are available in lengths from 2,70 m to 3,90 m. Rods with a length of 3 meters are suitable for hard-to-reach spots with little space to cast, or small waters. If you need to cast large distances, a rod length of 3,90 m is recommended. If you plan to fish on many different rivers and lakes, you will make the right choice with the popular 3,60 m rod.

Stiffness of carp rods

Soft rods up to 2,75lbs are suitable for fishing for small to medium carp in lakes where you only need to cast short distances and don't need a strong backbone.
The average carp rod has a test curve of 3lbs. This makes it suitable for large carp. With rods of this type you are set up variably. It doesn't matter whether you want to fish in strong currents, in small ponds or in large lakes.

If you mainly want to fish big carp from the shore on large lakes, very stiff rods with a strong backbone up to 4 lbs are suitable. With this device you can catch big carp at a great distance because the attack does not fizzle out in the line or rod. However, they tend to become feeding out used than for actual fishing. The reason for this is that the hardness of the rod can easily damage the soft carp mouths and many fish are lost as a result.

weight of the rods

The weight of the carp rod plays a minor role as it will be in the pool most of the time Rod holder located. The only benefit of a lighter rod is that it makes the fight more comfortable than a heavier rod.

Plug-in or telescopic rod

Most carp anglers prefer detachable rods that consist of 2 to 3 sections. But there are also carp rods that are made up of 1 to 4 parts. However, you don't find these very often. The most commonly used rods consist of 2 parts. They are very stable, quickly assembled and assembled. Detachable rods are compared to Telescopic rods, which consist of many parts, are much more stable, which is why they are rarely found in carp fishing.

There are four different actions for carp rods:

1. Parabolic
The carp rod bends under load. So these rods are only for small ones carp suitable because you can only build up a little pressure with them.

2. Semi-parabolic
These rods bend halfway through the blank. You can use it to achieve large throw distances and build up sufficient pressure.

3. Progressive action
If the load is light, only the tip will bend, while if the load is heavy, the whole rod will bend. As a result, the shocks of the fish are well cushioned.

4. Top Action
The rods have a strong backbone, which means that only the tip is stressed when loaded. The hits are cushioned to a limited extent, making them less suitable for big carp.

Quality pays off

When buying a carp rod, you should trust established manufacturers, if you buy cheap, you often buy twice. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for no-name providers to trick their information or install parts of inferior quality. Popular manufacturers like Fox, Daiwa, Shimano, Sportex, Balzer and Anaconda on the other hand, are known for high quality and have built up a good reputation over the years, which they do not want to lose through incorrect information and the associated customer dissatisfaction. In addition to carp rods, you will also find other high-quality small parts for carp fishing at these companies.

Buy carp rods on Angelplatz.de

The high-quality carp rods offer a perfect balance between sensitivity and power. In our fishing shop you will find a large range of carp rods that are perfectly tailored to the different requirements and needs of anglers.
Would you like to improve your fishing technique? Then our carp rods are perfect for you. In our large selection you will find rods in different lengths and sizes. This way we can ensure that you too will find your perfect carp rod. Of course, a good angler needs even more to fish successfully. That is why we also offer a wide range of accessories for every need in our online shop. From Roles and cords and nets - no wishes remain unfulfilled at Angelplatz.de.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Then feel free to contact us by email or phone:
Our service team is available for you Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.

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