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Buy your feeder rod cheaply online at Angelplatz.de - 24 hours!

Feeder rods - an excellent choice for coarse fish anglers

In our fishing shop you will find a wide selection of feeder rods that have been specially developed for modern feeder fishing. Feeder rods are an excellent choice for anglers who want to target coarse fish such as bream, roach, barbel and other species.

Our feeder rods are characterized by their high-quality workmanship, first-class materials and innovative technologies. Here are some reasons why you should choose a feeder rod from Angelplatz.de:

Precise throwing control: Our feeder rods offer excellent casting control, allowing you to precisely place your bait where you want it. Whether you want to fish short or long distances, our feeder rods deliver first-class performance.

Sensitivity and bite indication: Their sensitive tips allow you to detect even the lightest bites, helping you catch more fish. Our feeder rods provide precise bite indication so you can react quickly and make the first strike.

Robustness and reliability: We only use high-quality materials for our feeder rods to ensure maximum robustness and longevity. Whether you're fishing on calm waters or fast-flowing rivers, our feeder rods are designed to withstand any challenge.

Versatility: Our feeder rods are versatile and suitable for different fishing techniques and water types. Whether you're fishing on the lake, river or canal, our feeder rods give you the flexibility to adapt to different conditions.

Comfort and ergonomics: We prioritize comfort and ergonomics so you can fish for hours without feeling fatigued. Our feeder rods are lightweight and well balanced to ensure a comfortable fishing experience.

What are feeder rods needed for?

Feeder rods are primarily used for feeder fishing, a technique that focuses on targeting coarse fish such as bream, roach, barbel and other species. These rods are specifically designed for fishing in stagnant or slow-moving waters such as lakes, ponds, rivers and canals.

The feeder method involves feeding bait such as maggots, worms, corn or pellets to attract and keep fish in a specific area. The feeder rod is used to place the bait exactly where you want it, enabling precise casting control and bite detection.

Feeder rods are characterized by their sensitivity, which allows the angler to detect even subtle bites. The fine tip of the rod transmits the slightest movement or touch of the bait to the angler, allowing for a quick reaction and a successful strike.

In addition, feeder rods offer sufficient power and strength to handle larger coarse fish without compromising finesse and sensitivity. They are versatile and can be used with different rigs and baits depending on your needs and fishing technique.

Overall, feeder rods are essential tools for anglers who specialize in feeder fishing and are looking for reliable equipment to maximize their chances of a successful catch.

What should you consider when buying feeder rods?

Length and action: The length of the feeder rod is crucial and depends on fishing conditions and personal preferences. Shorter rods offer more precision at short distances, while longer rods are suitable for longer casting distances. The action of the rod, i.e. its bending curve, influences casting control and bite indication. A faster action allows for a quicker response to bites, while a slower action provides more power when throwing.

materials and construction: Feeder rods are usually made of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Carbon fiber rods are lighter and offer faster action, while fiberglass rods are sturdier and less susceptible to breakage. Choose the material according to your preferred fishing technique and water conditions.

Sensitivity and bite indication: A good feeder rod should have a sensitive tip to detect even light bites. Test the rod's sensitivity by mimicking small movements or touches on the tip to ensure it responds appropriately.

wheels and handle: Look for high-quality reels and holders that allow for smooth line unwinding. The handle should be ergonomically designed and provide a comfortable grip, especially during longer fishing sessions.

price and budget: Feeder rods are available in different price ranges. Set a budget and look for a rod that meets your needs and fits within your budget. Keep in mind that a high-quality rod often offers better performance and longevity.

Buy feeder rods online at Angelplatz.de

Discover our high-quality feeder rods today and experience feeder fishing on a new level! If you have any questions, we are happy to help you - just contact us and let our experts advise you.

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