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Buy your capsule roll cheaply online for 24 hours at Angelplatz.de

Capsule Reels - For precise bait placement

At Angelplatz.de, we offer a diverse range of capsule reels that have been specifically designed to give you a smooth and efficient fishing experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro angler or a beginner, our capsule reels are designed to take your fishing adventures to the next level.

Why Capsule Rolls?

The capsule rolls in our online shop are characterized by their outstanding quality, precision and durability.

Heavy Duty Construction: The capsule reels on Angelplatz.de are made from robust materials and offer excellent stability and performance. They are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions while ensuring smooth casts and retrieves.

Precision and Control: The advanced technology used in our capsule reels allows for precise drag and drag adjustment. These qualities are crucial to successfully landing both large and small fish and to ensure optimal control while fishing.

Versatility: Our capsule reels are versatile and suitable for a wide range of fishing techniques and styles. Whether you are targeting freshwater fish, predatory fish or marine fish, we have the right capsule reel for you.

Ergonomic design: We value comfort when fishing. Our capsule rollers are ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable handling and operation. They allow you to fish for hours without getting tired.

What are capsule rolls needed for?

precision throw: Capsule reels allow very precise bait placement. By using a thumb drag, anglers can cast the bait exactly where it's needed, whether that's in tight spots, under overhanging trees or in areas rich in structure.

Control of heavy baits: Capsule reels are ideal for casting heavy baits such as heavy swimbaits, spinnerbaits or large jerkbaits. They provide the power and control needed to cast those heavy lures far while controlling movement and presentation.

Raising Bigger Fish: Capsule reels tend to be sturdier and offer more traction compared to other types of reels. This makes them ideal for fishing larger fish species that offer more resistance.

Versatility in techniques: Capsule reels can be used for a variety of fishing techniques including lure fishing (spinning), jigging, jerking, trolling and more. They are particularly effective when fishing with lures that require precise presentation.

Line control: With a cap reel, anglers can better control the line and prevent it from tangling or poorly spooling. This is especially important with thinner lines that can tangle easily.

Higher gear ratios: Capsule reels often offer higher gear ratios, meaning you'll retrieve more line with every turn of the handle. This is beneficial when you need to retrieve bait quickly or when working with techniques that require rapid bait movement.

Experienced anglers: Capsule reels require a certain amount of skill and practice when throwing and adjusting the drag. As such, they are often preferred by experienced anglers who have mastered the technique and can reap the benefits of precision and control.

Overall, capsule reels are a powerful tackle option for certain fishing techniques and situations. They offer the ability to place bait accurately, land heavier fish and successfully execute a wide range of lure techniques.

What is there to consider before buying capsule rolls?

Fishing style and technique: Think about what fishing techniques you will use most often. Capsule reels are particularly good for casting lures, so you'll want to make sure the reel suits the techniques you intend to practice.

gear ratio: The transmission ratio indicates how many revolutions the reel performs with one crank revolution. A higher gear ratio allows for faster retrieval, while a lower ratio provides more torque. Choose a gear ratio that supports your fishing style and desired techniques.

Braking system: Capsule reels have different types of braking systems, such as B. magnetic or centrifugal braking systems. These systems allow precise adjustment of the drag to prevent overrun and line tangles. Make sure the braking system is easy to adjust and suits your needs.

Material and construction: High-quality capsule rolls are made of durable materials such as aluminum or graphite. Look for a solid construction that will ensure a long service life.

Height and weight: The size and weight of the reel can affect your comfort and handling while fishing. Choose a size and weight that suits your fishing rod and brings you a comfortable fishing experience.

Line capacity: Make sure the reel has enough line capacity to hold the type of line you intend to use. This is especially important when fishing with thicker lines or braided lines.

Quality and brand: Invest in capsule rolls from trusted brands known for quality and performance. High quality reels provide better durability, precision and enjoyable fishing experience.

Adjustability: Make sure that the capsule reel is easy to adjust, especially if you are new to this type of reel. Easy adjustment of the brake and other adjustments is important for smooth fishing.

Price: Capsule rolls are available in different price ranges. Set a budget that fits your needs and look for reels that are within that budget and still offer good quality.


Buy cheap capsule reels online at Angelplatz.de

Discover our extensive range of capsule reels, suitable for anglers of all skill levels. We offer models from leading manufacturers that are known in the fishing community for their quality and performance. From light capsule reels for light spin fishing to high-performance models for deep sea fishing, you will find the perfect reel for your needs with us.

At Angelplatz.de, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Our dedicated team is available Monday to Friday 9am - 00pm to help you select the right capsule reel for your fishing goals. We pride ourselves on offering high quality products and providing superior customer service.

Discover the performance and precision of our capsule reels and experience fishing in a whole new way.

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