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Buy your pike rod cheaply online 24 hours a day at Angelplatz.de

Pike rods – strong and sensitive

A pike rod is an essential tool for any pike angler. It must be strong enough to handle the powerful runs and aggressive bite of a pike. At the same time, it should be sensitive enough to precisely sense bites and enable good bait control. Our pike rods meet these requirements and offer you an incomparable fishing experience.

Our range of pike rods includes different models to suit the needs of different anglers. From detachable rods to telescopic rods to baitcaster rods, you will find the right option with us. We offer rods in a variety of lengths and casting weights so you can choose the right rod for your fishing technique and water conditions.

Our pike rods are made of high quality materials such as carbon fibre, fiberglass and composite materials, which ensure an optimal balance between strength, sensitivity and lightness. They are precision crafted with reliable rod guides and grips to give you a secure grip and comfort.

What are pike rods needed for?

Pike rods are used specifically for fishing for pike. Pike are predatory fish known for their powerful escapes and aggressive bite. Successful pike fishing requires a special rod designed to meet the demands of this style of fishing.

Here are some reasons why pike rods are needed:

Power and Strength: Pike rods are designed to handle the powerful flight and pull of a pike. They are usually strong and robustly built to withstand the stresses involved in playing a pike.

sensitivity: Although pike are strong predatory fish, they can sometimes bite very cautiously. A good pike rod will be sensitive enough to sense subtle bites and provide feedback to the angler. This allows you to react to the bite in time and set the hook.

Bait control: Pike rods allow precise bait control. Proper rod action and sensitivity allows you to place your bait exactly where the pike are. This increases the chances that a pike will spot your bait and snap.

throw distance: Pike rods tend to be relatively long, which allows you to cast your lures farther. This is especially useful when fishing from the bank or fishing large bodies of water where you need to get your bait to distant areas to reach pike.

Versatility: Pike rods are available in a variety of lengths, casting weights and actions to suit different fishing techniques and water conditions. This gives anglers the opportunity to choose the right rod for their specific needs.

All in all, pike rods are indispensable tools for anglers who want to target pike. They provide the power, sensitivity and control necessary to meet the challenges of pike fishing and ensure a successful fishing experience.

What is there to consider before buying pike rods?

Fishing technique and waters: Think about which fishing technique you prefer and in which water you will mainly fish for pike. Different bodies of water may require different rod lengths and actions. If you mainly fish from the bank you may need a longer reach rod. On the other hand, if you're fishing from a boat, a shorter rod can be beneficial for easier manoeuvrability.

Rod length and casting weight: Choose the rod length and casting weight based on your individual preferences and the conditions of the water. A longer rod typically allows for longer casts, while a shorter rod offers more control in tight situations. The casting weight should be adapted to the size of the pike to be expected and the bait used.

Rod Action: Rod action describes how much the rod flexes when loaded. There are rods with fast, medium or slow action. A fast action rod will mostly flex in the top third allowing for precise casts and good bait control. A slow action rod will bend further down and provide better dampening, which can be an advantage when using live bait. Choose the action according to your fishing technique and preferences.

Material and quality: Look for high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass or composites. These offer a good balance of strength, sensitivity and weight. Make sure the rod is carefully crafted with quality guides and a comfortable grip.

By considering these factors, you can select a pike rod that suits your needs and preferences and will give you a great fishing experience. It can also be helpful to seek advice from a specialty shop or speak to experienced anglers for further recommendations.

Which manufacturers of pike rods are there?

There are a variety of manufacturers that make quality pike rods. Here are some well known and respected pike rod manufacturers:

Shimano is a renowned brand of fishing tackle and offers a wide range of pike rods for different fishing techniques. They are known for their quality, durability and performance.

Abu Garcia is a global brand known for its quality fishing rods and reels. They offer a variety of pike rods for different levels of experience and fishing techniques.

Daiwa is a Japanese company known for its premium quality fishing rods and reels. They manufacture high quality pike rods that are valued for their sensitivity and performance.

G Loomis is a renowned brand of fishing rods and enjoys an excellent reputation in the fishing community. They offer a wide range of pike rods that are known for their high quality and performance.

St. Croix is an American manufacturer of fishing rods and has made a name for itself for its high-quality pike rods. They use advanced technologies and materials to create rods with excellent sensitivity and durability.

Berkley is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of fishing tackle, including pike rods. They offer different models for different fishing techniques and budgets.

Westin is a European brand specializing in predator fishing. They make quality pike rods that are known for their innovation, quality and performance.

What material are pike rods made of?

Pike rods are made from a variety of materials, with the most common materials being carbon fiber, fiberglass and composites. Each material offers specific properties that affect the performance of the rod.

carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is a popular material for modern fishing rods, including pike rods. It's lightweight yet strong and offers excellent sensitivity. Carbon fiber allows rods to be made with different actions and strengths depending on the angler's needs.

Glass fiber: Fiberglass was once widely used for fishing rods and is still popular. Fiberglass is known for its strength and durability. Fiberglass rods are often slightly heavier than carbon rods, but offer good shock absorption and are less prone to breakage or damage.

Composites: Composites are rods made from a combination of materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass. This combination makes it possible to take advantage of both materials and achieve an optimal balance between strength, sensitivity and weight.

In addition, other materials such as graphite, kevlar or bamboo are also used in some rods to achieve specific properties. The choice of material depends on the individual preferences of the angler, the intended use of the rod and the budget.

It is important to note that not only the material of the rod but also the type of rod construction and build quality play a role in the performance of the pike rod. Quality materials combined with careful design and workmanship result in a quality pike rod that will live up to the demands of pike fishing.

Buy cheap pike rods online at Angelplatz.de

Whether you like fishing from the bank or prefer to travel by boat, the pike rods in our online shop give you the flexibility you need. With their strong spinning power and the right setup, you can cast your lures far and place them with precision to attract the pike's attention.

In addition, you will find accessories such as pike lures, lines and other fishing equipment in our range that are perfectly matched to our pike rods. Our experienced team is also on hand to offer tips and advice on how to get the most out of your pike rod.

Discover our selection of pike rods today and let the quality and performance of our products convince you. Enjoy fishing for pike with the right tool in hand and make your next fishing adventure one to remember. We look forward to helping you choose your pike rod and providing you with the best possible fishing experience. Peter hail!

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