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Spro was founded in 1994 when Gamakatsu decided it was time to take a closer look at Europe. Up until that time, Gamakatsu products (mainly fish hooks) were sold through dealers across Europe. Since Europe represents a great market potential for the company, Gamakatsu decided to set up its own distribution center Spro NV in the Netherlands.

Since 1994 Spro NV has been the official distributor of Gamakatsu products (mainly hooks and fishing line) as well as a small series of rods, reels and some accessories under the Spro brand. Direct sales in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg were just the beginning. Spro NV quickly became the point of contact for all European distributors. This made the flow of information much shorter and resulted in an even better knowledge of the various local European markets. Vianen was chosen strategically at the intersection between two major Dutch motorways (A2 and A27), close to Rotterdam, one of the largest ports in Europe and just a stone's throw from Amsterdam, with Europe's largest airports. And it doesn't end here ...

In 1997, Spro Corp. opened in Kennesaw, Georgia, opened the doors to distribute Gamakatsu Hooks in the eastern part of America and Spro products throughout the entire United States of America. In 1999, Spro Deutschland GmbH opened its doors to better and more effectively serve the German fishing tackle market, one of the largest in Europe. The company started in Wiesbaden and after a few years moved to historic Weimar. Due to the better infrastructure and in order to be able to expand further in the future, another move was made to Düsseldorf at the beginning of 2015. In 2010, Spro began selling directly to the Czech market in the Czech Republic.

Spro began selling Gamakatsu hooks and lines and a select range of reels, rods, lines, nets and accessories under the Spro brand. It's amazing to see how a small program that started in 1994 has grown into a program of over 15.000 articles. The Spro products are basically the same for all European countries. Of course we manufacture some products specifically for certain countries, but in principle we have a uniform catalog for Europe.

Spro Corp. in the USA has its own range of products that have been fully adapted to local US requirements. However, some of these products are also sold in Europe. Take for example artificial baits like the "Crank Bait" or the "Aruku-Shad" and "Little John"; Swimbaits, like the BBZ developed by Bill Siemantel, or innovative surface baits like the "Dawg" and the BronzeEye frogs developed by Dean Rojas, to name just a few. The hooks are a cornerstone of the Gamakatsu company and famous around the world. It is the process, the technology and the materials that make our hooks so superior to other brands. First and foremost, there is the high quality carbon steel that is used to make the Gamakatsu hooks. Hooks made from cheap, inferior material are weak, have a poor hook point, and are not really sharp. In close cooperation with the material manufacturers, it was actually Gamakatsu who specifically developed this unique material for the production of fishhooks; the material now known as "High Carbon Steel". This material not only has a higher percentage of carbon, it also shows no impurities. This ensures that no dirt in the metal can weaken the hooks.

Second, Gamakatsu has the most advanced hardening process in the world. This enables hooks to be heated and hardened in a stable state. Each hook is heated to a specific temperature that perfectly fits its size and shape and then cooled in oil. This process creates hooks that are super strong but not brittle. Achieving a perfect balance between strength and flexibility is extremely difficult and it took Gamakatsu many years to perfect this process. This is why we make better hooks. After all, Gamakatsu hooks are famous for their sharpness! Our sharpening process is one, or probably the most modern in the world and the result is a perfect, completely conical hook point with unsurpassed sharpness. Gamakatsu produces large quantities of extremely sharp hooks of consistent quality. The life of a fish hook is measured by the sharpness, hardness and flexibility of the point of the hook. This has resulted in Gamakatsu gaining the trust of anglers all over the world and it has given Gamakatsu its main market. Spro offers a wide range of reels, rods, lines, nets, clothing, bags and accessories. One of the best Spro products in Europe is the RedArc reel series. Although this front drag reel was introduced in 2004, it is Spro's best-selling reel to date! The RedArc has a great braking system, it works great under great pressure and the transmission runs silky smooth.

In addition to GAMAKATSU® and SPRO®, we also own the carp brand Strategy® and the bait brand Strategy® Baits. Strategy Baits include a boilie series, pop-ups and dips in different flavors. With our team of international strategy test fishermen, we are working hard to create even more great products and introduce them to the market. Spro is also the exclusive distributor of the “Watersnake” brand, Australian electric motors from Jarvis Marine. It is our goal to build a strong and solid company with big brands. We will continue to develop products that meet the needs of retailers and the demands of anglers around the globe. Our main goal is to increase the confidence of anglers in our brands and products. Another aim is to promote fishing among young people. We can never have enough young anglers. These are definitely the future of the fishing tackle industry.

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