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Inline rods buy cheap online at Angelplatz.de


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Inline rods buy cheap online at Angelplatz.de

Inline rods - high sensitivity and unique design

An in-line rod is a modern and versatile choice for anglers of all skill levels. These rods feature a unique design where the reel is integrated directly into the rod's handle. This concept offers a number of advantages over traditional rod and reel combinations.

A key benefit of inline rods is their improved sensitivity. The direct connection between the reel and the handle allows you to perceive even the smallest movement or bite. This will increase your chances of catching more fish and avoid missing out on potential bites.

In addition, the integration of the reel in the handle ensures a balanced and ergonomic design. The weight of the reel is distributed evenly across the rod, resulting in better balance. This in turn allows you to hold the rod longer and more comfortably without experiencing fatigue. This is especially important for longer fishing trips where every comfort counts.

The inline rods at Angelplatz.de are made of high quality materials that ensure optimal performance and durability. They are lightweight yet tough enough to withstand the rigors of fishing. Whether you're fishing on a river, lake or the sea, our in-line rods are designed to withstand all conditions.

What are inline rods needed for?

carp fishing: In-line rods are very popular for carp fishing. Their sensitive design allows anglers to spot the tiniest movements and bites of wary carp. The direct connection between the reel and the handle ensures improved sensitivity and better control of the lure.

Predator fishing: Inline rods are also very popular with predator anglers. They are ideal for casting artificial lures such as wobblers, spoons or rubber fish. The good balance and sensitivity of the inline rods enable precise casts and quick reactions to bites.

Trout fishing: In trout fishing, in-line rods are used for their lightness and sensitivity. They allow the angler to perceive the subtle movements of the trout and to guide the bait accordingly. The direct connection between the reel and the handle makes inline rods ideal for fishing with light lures or the ultralight method.

spin fishing: In-line rods are also well suited for spin fishing using lures. The direct transfer of movements to the rod allows the angler to better control the lure actions and to react quickly to bites.

General freshwater and saltwater fishing: Inline rods can also be used for various other fishing techniques in fresh and salt water. Their versatility makes them a good choice for anglers who enjoy targeting different types of fish and waters.

Inline rods have a wide range of uses and offer anglers better control, sensitivity and a comfortable fishing experience. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, in-line rods can enhance your fishing experience and help you be more successful on the water.


What is there to consider before buying inline rods?

Fishing technique and target fish: First of all, think about which fishing technique and which type of fish you mainly want to use the inline rod for. Different rod models are specially designed for specific fishing techniques or fish species and can differ in length, action and power. Make sure the rod meets your specific needs.

Length and action: The length and action of the rod play an important role in fishing. Shorter rods offer better control and accuracy, while longer rods can allow for longer casts. The action relates to the bend curve of the rod and can vary from fast (stiff) to slow (flexible). Choosing the right length and action depends on your fishing conditions and personal preference.

Material and quality: Pay attention to the quality of the inline rod and the materials used. High quality rods are usually made from lightweight yet strong material such as carbon fiber or graphite. These materials offer a good balance of weight, sensitivity and strength. Also check the build quality to ensure the rod is durable.

Grip and comfort: The handle of the inline rod should be comfortable to hold and made of non-slip material. Test the grip to make sure it fits your hand size and shape well. A comfortable grip is especially important when planning long fishing periods to counteract fatigue.

Price-performance ratio: Compare the prices of different inline rods and check the value for money. Sometimes more expensive rods offer additional features or higher quality, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best choice for you. Find a balance between quality and price that suits your needs.

By considering these factors, you can choose the right inline rod that best suits your needs and preferences. Remember it is important to hold the rod in your hand before you buy it and if necessary try it on to make sure it feels good and suits you.

What material are inline rods made of?

Inline rods are usually made from a variety of materials, with the choice of material depending on the type of rod, intended use and value for money. Here are the most common materials used to make in-line rods:

carbon fiber is one of the most popular materials for in-line rods as it offers an optimal combination of lightness, sensitivity and strength. Carbon rods tend to be high quality, responsive and offer a good bend curve. However, they are often slightly more expensive than rods made from other materials.

graphite is a lightweight material commonly used in entry-level to mid-range inline rods. It offers a good balance between weight, sensitivity and durability. Graphite rods tend to be less expensive than carbon rods and work well for anglers looking for solid value for money.

Glass fiber was once commonly used in rod making, but is less common today. Fiberglass rods are typically less expensive than carbon or graphite rods and offer good durability. However, they are heavier and less sensitive than carbon fiber or graphite rods.

hybrid materials There are also in-line rods that are made from a combination of different materials to take advantage of each material. Such hybrid rods can, for example, be a mixture of carbon fiber and glass fiber to achieve a good balance between weight, sensitivity and durability.

The choice of material depends on personal preference, budget and the specific application. High-quality rods are often made from advanced carbon fiber blends, while lower-cost options tend to use graphite or fiberglass. It is important to note that the quality of materials and the finish of the rod also plays a role and can affect overall quality and performance.

Inline rods buy cheap online at Angelplatz.de

In order to meet the needs of different anglers, we offer a variety of inline rods in our online shop, which differ in length, action and performance. From light rods for trout fishing to powerful models for predatory fish fishing, there is something for everyone. Our experienced staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance to select the perfect inline rod for your needs.

In addition to inline rods, you will also find a wide range of accessories and fishing tackle on our website to optimize your fishing experience. We carry reels, lines, baits and much more. With us you will find everything you need to make your fishing adventure unforgettable.

Order your in-line rod today and join the growing community of anglers reaping the benefits of this modern fishing technology. We look forward to assisting you in choosing your perfect gear and helping you create unforgettable fishing moments.

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