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Korda Camo Rig Tube - 2m silt

Korda Camo Rig Tube - 2m silt

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Korda Camo Rig Tube - 2m silt Item number: zk0032
Delivery time: 1-3 working days
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A rig tube prevents the rig from wrapping itself around the main line when casting. And it prevents the main line from cutting into the fish's outer skin during the fight.

Danny Fairbrass once watched a fish wrapping itself around the main line in a fight. The result were a number of torn scales. The angler in question had done without a rig tube. Because he fished with a method feeder into which he had kneaded his leader. Because of the no longer danger of tangle, he believed he could do without a rig tube. To the chagrin of the fish, it turned out.

That is why we at Korda appeal to you: Always use a rig tube! If you use the tube correctly, it is almost invisible to the carp.

Our tubes sink to the bottom of the water, additional weighting with plasticine is not necessary. That is an important aspect. Because the better a rig tube hugs the bottom of the water, the lower the risk that the carp will swim against it. Nevertheless, there is of course the possibility of adding plasticine (putty) if you want to be on the safe side.

Three colours
We also offer the rig tubes in three colors. First of all there is herb-green (“weed”). You are right on most bodies of water. Because a little bit of herb or thread algae are present in almost every body of water. In the second part of our underwater films you can see how much herb there is even in lakes where you would not even suspect it.

Then there is the rig tube in the color mud-brown ("silt"). Perfect for muddy waters. But also for gravelly quarry ponds, in which there is a lot of swirled up sediment. And that is the case more often than one might think.

Danny Fairbrass once fished on Savay Lake on a winter day. When he drew the lead with marker float into the shallow water near the bank while plumbing, he still received very jerky, hard feedback - otherwise a clear indication of hard, gravelly ground. In truth, Danny couldn't see the lead in the 30 centimeter deep water - it was so deep in the soft sediment. What Danny learned from this: “Even if the feeler lead suggests a gravelly surface, you always have to reckon with a light layer of mud. It is best to simply check in the shallow water near the shore whether there is already a layer of mud there. That allows conclusions. "

The third rig-tube color is gravel. This tube is suitable for quarry ponds that are free of mud and herbs. But be careful: this tube can adjust to the ground completely inconspicuously, but only a few meters away, where there is more mud and weeds, it acts like a laser beam. It may always be the same, admittedly, if you match the color of your rig components to the underwater conditions, you will get more bites. The third part of our underwater films illustrates this impressively.
The fourth rig tube color is sand / loam ("clay"), it rounds off the range of rig tubes.

Important tips
Before you thread your main line or chalk line through the tube, you should cut the end of the line to a point. You can do this if you use the scissors at an angle. You should also pull the string straight. Because with a twisted cord you have no chance. Our tube is delivered in a very large pack, so we avoid a strong curling effect. In addition, the tube is made of a very soft material, so it can be stretched easily.

In winter it is an advantage to warm the tube in your hand. Then it can be pulled straight more easily. If you take the tube off the main line and then thread it back on again, you should pull it back and forth a few times over the main line before pulling it down. This will remove any mud and sand particles that could later make re-threading difficult.

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