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Daiwa Prorex XR Light Baitcast 762L 2-part. 5-14g 2.25m

Spinning rod | Baitcast rod
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Manufacturer: [Daiwa]

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picture Model Flat share (g) Length T dimension parts Rings Weight Price Quantity
Daiwa Prorex XR Light Baitcast 762L 2-part. 5-14g 2.25m Item no .: ad1215
Delivery time: 1-3 working days
5-14 g 2.25 m 1.19 m 2 pc 10 pc 110 g 151,04 €
Daiwa Prorex XR UL Spin 762UL 2 pcs. 3-12g 2.25m Item no .: ad1213
Delivery time: 1-3 working days
3-12 g 2.25 m 1.19 m 2 pc 10 pc 90 g 125,79 €


Baitcast rod

Fishing with baitcast rods is becoming more and more popular, as this type of rod has significant advantages over spinning rods in many fishing techniques. Especially when fishing with large and very heavy artificial baits, baitcasting rods are much easier to cast and the baitcasting reel / multiplier reel gives you better contact with the bait.

Thanks to the exclusive DAIWA rod construction technology, it is possible to construct extremely light and resilient rods that are precisely tailored to the respective type of angling. The high-quality HVF carbon fiber blank is extremely light and balanced in the hand and is extremely resilient thanks to the combination with the latest nano-technology. The X45 carbon fiber construction ensures a torsion-resistant blank that does not twist during the throw - long and precise throws are the result. The V-joint connector ensures an absolutely even bending curve under load.

11301-195 Finesse Crank - This model was specially developed for fishing with medium and smaller crank baits and offers a continuous action to optimally guide crank baits of 7-12 cm in length. The rod charges itself in the cast over the entire blank and transports your bait to enormous casting distances.

11301-240 Crank - Classic crank rod with a continuous action. Ideal for guiding medium and large crankbaits, which build up enormous pressure during guiding due to the large diving shovel.

1301-180 Vertical - Very light and stiff rod with "bone-dry" action for vertical fishing. The handle here is made of continuous EVA material to enable optimal and comfortable holding of the rod in the cold season.

11301-200 Pitchin '- This rod was specially developed for casting with the baitcast reel and is particularly suitable for stickbaits, spinnerbaits and wobblers. With very fast tip action - ideal for twitching and pitching.

11301-245 / -265 Baitcast - The two Prorex XR models with 120g and 175g casting weight offer the ideal alliance of strength and sensitivity, especially for big bait fishing with very large rubber baits and swimbaits. The hard backbone ensures optimal power transmission when you strike and offers enormous reserves during a fight. The tip charges very well when cast and also transports large baits over very long distances.

11301-260 Baitcast - This Prorex XR baitcast rod was developed as an all-round baitcast rod. Ideal for throwing rubber fish, wobblers, etc. With a quick tip action that is optimally charged in the cast and brings bait at a distance. Also ideal as a "dead rod" when the second bait is to be carried a little further away from the boat.

11304-226 Light Baitcast - This rod complements the range of the Prorex XR Ultra-light Spin and Jiggerspin series with a rod that is perfectly suited for our modern baitcast reels. Equipped with an original DAIWA baitcast reel holder, this rod allows you to fish almost all common light and ultra-light baits such as mini wobblers, blinkers, spinners and softbaits from 5g weight. The technologically first-class blank charges itself very well during the throw and shows an extremely fast resilience - very precise and long throws are the result!

* HVF® carbon fiber blank
* X45® carbon fiber construction
* Nanoplus Carbon
* V-Joint® connector
* High quality hard EVA handle
* Original DAIWA® reel seat
* Fuji® Alconite K-Rings
* High quality transport case
products number (s) of the manufacturer

11304 – 226


Flat share (g) 5-14 g
Length (rods) 2.25 m
Transport length (rods) 1.19 m
Number of parts (rods) 2 pc
Rings (rods) 10 pc
Weight (rods) 110 g

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